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Expectations from Dubai Holidays

Friday, November 19th, 2010

If you are planning a holiday in Dubai, don’t forget the climate conditions of it and don’t expect too much. In the summer, the weather in Dubai is hot and humid. Temperature reaches mid 40’s up to 55°C. And now you think that “no problem, I can swim and get cooler.” Now the surprise, sea temperature can reach up to 37°C. Finally you feel the temperature around 60’s with a humidity level of 90%. Rainfall in Dubai is rare, 4-5 times in a year. Rain last maximum 1-2 hours for each. It mostly rains during the winter.

You Absolutely Must Visit Dubai

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Over the last twenty years or so the Middle Eastern city of Dubai has become one of the hottest vacation and business locations in the world. It is a rapidly developing, fabulously wealthy futuristic city set within a centuries-old Arab culture. The traditional ways are still there if you look for them. But they are gradually being overtaken by the new attractions and developments springing up virtually every day.

In Dubai one can see dusty traditional villages as well as fantastically luxurious residential districts, or visit rugged mountains and majestic sand dunes only a few miles from pristine sandy beaches and lush green parks. Tourists can wander through Dubai’s traditional market places or visit some of the largest and most modern indoor shopping malls in the world.