Dubai Airports unveils Al Majlis facility

Dubai Airports on Tuesday launched a new VIP facility named ‘Al Majlis’ at the Dubai International Airport.

During the launching ceremony held at the facility, the new brand identity for the dedicated facility, as well as its wide range of upgraded services were also unveiled.

Located close to Dubai International’s Terminal 3, the nearly 3,400 square-metre new Al Majlis VIP facility will offer exclusive services for affluent travellers – both corporate and individuals, whether they are arriving, setting off or in transit, officials said.

“At Dubai Airports, we are constantly seeking to add value to our product offerings, and enhance the quality of customer service. The new Al Majlis VIP facility is a reflection of that very approach. A dedicated, state-of-the-art facility for Al Majlis means that we have the additional capacity and the latest in technology to enable us to serve our customers better,” said Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports.

The new facility is an upgrade, and an expansion of the previous VIP facility which was in a different location, and the idea was to make an “improved, bigger and better VIP facility,” said Zaigman Ali, senior officer for press relations and communications for Dubai Airports.

Huraiz Bin Huraiz, vice-president of commercial unit at Dubai Airports, said the demand for Al Majlis services has been increasing steadily in recent years. “The number of customers we serve at Al Majlis has been increasing at an average annual rate of almost 15 per cent. We served nearly 70,000 customers in 2007 and achieved sales revenue in excess of Dh33.13 million. This year we expect to serve 85,000 customers.”

Widely popular among businessmen, celebrities, and families alike, the Al Majlis VIP facility offers a hassle-free travel experience. “The idea is to extend the luxury of travel beyond the aeroplane cabin to the ground. Once you have paid for the luxuries in the cabin, we will ask you, why not extend that luxury to the ground,” Griffiths said in an interview with Gulf News. The facility will be offering both a prestigious reception for arrivals, a splendid atmosphere for departure; in addition, business meetings can be done with traveller’s guests while they are in transit.


Outlining the features of the new facility, Ali said it will have a “total of 17 private lounges, shower facilities, free Wi-Fi, luggage delivery services, flexible payment options, covered and secure parking, in-house duty free, ATM facility, external luxurious limousine, and facilities for people with special needs.”

“It will be an integrated facility with all the services like with all the services like check-in, check-out and immigration at the facility, at the same time it will be a differentiated facility to meet the level of individual service needs for all our customers because there is a need for people to actually be treated as individuals,” added Griffiths.

The rates for the VIP facility, which will be able to handle up to 150 people at a time, starts at Dh1,510 per person for arriving and departing passengers, and Dh2,010 for transit passengers with an added Dh1,000 if the transit passenger wants to leave the airport and go to the city before coming back for the connecting flight.

Writer: Gureni Lukwaro from Gulfnews

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